Category page experiment update & new Category page design for WordPress

Category page experiment update

Over the past month we’ve been running a series of tests 88 for the default sort order across Envato Market. We tested Newest, Best Selling, Best Rated and Trending. Our aim for these tests was to see which sort filter resonated best with customers and to see if we could improve the customer experience, helping them make a purchase.

The results for these tests are now in. For ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, VideoHive and CodeCanyon the best selling sort filter increased conversion by over 5% on average. On some categories the difference was much larger, for example on ThemeForest, the WordPress category saw conversion increase by over 50% for the best selling sort filter.

As a result of these positive changes, over the next week, the default sort for these markets will be switching to best selling.

On AudioJungle the best performing sort filter was newest items so the default will return to newest. 3DOcean will also switch to best selling and PhotoDune will remain as trending.

How will customers see new items?

Customers will still see new items on the homepages. On category pages, customers can change the sort to newest or use one of the filters to see items added during a certain time period.

These changes do not affect the search algorithm which remains as best match. The search algorithm will continue to provide a boost to new items to ensure they get exposure.

New Test - Brand New WordPress Category Page

We understand this change will impact the exposure of new items. Historically we’ve been constrained to having one page of the same sort order limiting our ability to show a mix of items to customers.

Behind the scenes we’ve been working to fix that, and today we’re excited to announce a new category page for WordPress. Along with data from this last test, the design of this page was influenced by a group of Authors and Customers in a few user tests.

It includes a series of blocks giving customers the choice to explore new items, best selling items, best rated items and more. This is our first release and we plan to iterate on it as we get back data. This means the blocks you see in this test may change, or change position on the page. If successful we may extend this concept to other categories and markets, however we can’t promise anything at this stage.

As this is an A/B test, you may not see the new design yourself.

Below is a preview of the new design. This test will go live tomorrow.

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